Show Prep General Tips

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Show Prep
  1. Plan a show 12 months out so you have time to calculate cutting time needed from body fat needed to drop.
  2. Plan on 1 week for each 2 lbs. to drop. This will bring you in on time and maybe early. This is better than coming in at less than your best.
  3. Make a list of show day supplies and pick them up early so you don’t have the stress later in making sure you have everything.
  4. Pick music you like and are comfortable with, and fits your posing style.
  5. POSE POSE POSE POSE  You can never have to much practice.
  6. Practice tanning. (if you don’t plan on doing spray on at the show).
  7. Get paper work for entry in as soon as you can. Just one less thing to worry about later down the road.

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