March 13th – March 19th workouts.

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Training Logs


March 13th


B/W = 140.2 this morning.

Macro’s: Pro= 175 , Carb’s = 70 , Fats = 36

 I was going to do progress pics but the room at the gym wasn’t open. I’ll get them tomorrow.

 Today was a Chest and Abb day. “A” workout hit 24 seats for chest. In 60 min’s. I ware my Team WCBBG hoodie at the gym and was sweating bullets when I was done.

 Started out with Hammer Strength ISO (H.S. ISO) Seated presses.

104 x 10

154 x 8

194 x 3

194 x 1

194 x 3

154 x 7

154 x 5

104 x 10

 Then went to Hammer Strength Incline ISO (H.S. ISO) Presses with a wide grip all the way out to the arms.

106 x 10 for 6 sets

106 x 8

106 x10

 Then to shred the pecs I hit slow tempo Cable Flies.

50 x 10 for 10 sets.

 Later at my “B” (saturation) workout I did

Decline Bar Bell Presses – 4 sets

Abb Crunches – 6 sets

 This gave me a total of 34 sets today.

March 14th

B/W = 139.6

Back day for rep range and saturation. 10-12 reps then 1 or 2 sets of 12-16 for sat.

Good day for videos and posing progression video.

  • H.S. ISO High Rows for 4 sets.
  • T” Bar Chest Supported Rows for 3 sets.
  • Crucifix Lat Pulls for 5 sets.
  • Db Incline Bench Face Down Shrugs for 5 sets.
  • Single Arm Chin-ups for 2 sets each arm.

Then I did a progression video in the cardio room. Not the best lighting but a stage and was open so I was able to take my shirt off. Video is posted in the progression pics page.

March 15th

B/W = 139.6

Delt, Arm and Abb day.

Rep range as saturation day here also.

  • Db Single Arm Glass Style Delt Side Lateral Raises for 8 sets. Has actually able to do more weight today. Forearm was ok for my grip. Used 35 and 40lb Db’s
  • Laying Cable Curl Downs Super Set with Laying Tri Press outs. I did 8 super sets of these. (8 super sets = 16 total sets)

Back started giving me problems and I wanted to get cardio in so I shut down the workout side and went to cardio. I got 20 min’s. Of cardio in today. Looking at doing Abb’s and saturation sets for Bi’s and Tri’s also tonight.


31 Days out

 March 16

B/W= 139.4 this morning. Macro’s: 175 Pro, 70 Fat, 36 Fat.

Played with Abbs at the gym. Did 6 sets on Abb Crunch Machine slow and controlled.

20 min’s cardio followed.

Tomorrow is a re-feed day. I will look at things and my graphs tomorrow and make the decision on if I will start doing carb step raising yet.


March 17th – 30 days out

B/W= 139.4

Re-Feed macro’s =  Pro-175,  Carb’s- 170,  Fats-36

4 sets Abb Machine and 30 min’s cardio today, not to much to report.  Was dry and ripped today in the morning.  Looked great in the locker room lighting.  Floored a few people with my conditioning.


March 18th


B/W= 140.4 (day after re-feed)

Macro’s will be staying at: Pro= 175, Carbs= 70, Fats= 36

“A” work out 24 sets

  • H.S ISO Seated Presses – 8 sets
  • H.S. ISO Incline Presses – 8 sets
  • Cable Cross Over Flies – 8 sets (4 speed sets, 4 slow tempo sets)

 20 min’s cardio.

 Workout “B”

  • Bb decline presses – 4 sets
  • Abb Crunches – 4 sets


March 19th


B/W = 139.8

Back day today and cardio.

FreeMotion Crucifix Lat Pulls

  • 100 x 10 for 1 set
  • 100 x 12 for 4 sets
  • 100 x 10 for 3 sets


Close Grip Chin-up Style Lat pull Downs

  • 100 x 10 for 4 sets. I did these with stop/pause at different points in the rep range.


Machine Chest Supported Rows. Under hand grip

  • 100 x 10 for 4 sets at a 4-2-4-2 tempo


Db Seated Incline Bench face up Shrugs

  • 70’s x 10 for 7 sets
  • 70’s x 20 for 1 set speed reps

20 min’s Hand Bike cardio

I planed on Abb work tonight but the way my low back feels this may be a no go. If I do them it will be 4 sets of Crunches.


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