March 20th – March 26th workouts

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March 20th

– 27 days outB/W = 139.2       Macro’s= Pro- 175, Carbs- 70, Fats- 36

Today was a Delt and Arm day

Workout “A” was 26 sets, workout “B” 8 sets. Total of 34 sets for the day.

All sets between 8-12 rep range as close to a 4-2-4-1 tempo as I could keep it.


  • 3 sets of Reverse Machine Flies
  • 6 sets of H.S. ISO Shoulder Presses
  • 6 sets of Db Incline Bench Alternating Curls
  • 4 Super Sets (8 total sets) of Straight Bar Overhand Grip then Underhand Grip Press Downs
  • 3 sets of Rope Tri Press Downs

*Arm day – no hand bike cardio.


  • 2 sets Low Cable Straight Bar Bi Curls
  • 2 sets Rope Tri Press Downs
  • 4 sets Abb Crunches.

Sups for the day:

Wake Up:
AAEFX Lean Fix
AAEFX  Kre-Celazine
AAEFX  Test Charge

Garlic – 1000 IU’s

30 min pre “A” work out:

Post “A” work out:
AAEFX Cell Rush
AAEFX NF Pro protein

30 min’s pre meal:
AAEFX Lean Fix

Garlic – 1000 IU’s

Between meals:
AAEFX Lean Fix

Pre work out “B” or off day at this time
AAEFX  Lean Fix

At later meal or post “B” work out :
Garlic – 1000 IU’s

30 min’s pre meal
AAEFX Lean Fix

90 mins post  supper:
AAEFX Nytric Pro

Later at night:
AAEFX Carnitine

Bed time:
AAEFX  Nytric Pro
AAEFX  Test Charge and T/C Aroma Blocker

March 21st

B/W = 138.8

Day off weights and cardio, giving the body a recover break.

Work on poses, routine, peek week and show day nutrition plan today.

March 22

25 Days out

B/W = 138.4With the drop in B/W with no cardio and off everything yesterday, I am taking another recovery day today.
Then start again in my rotation tomorrow with chest.

Work on poses and such tonight.

March 23rd

 24 day out from the Buckeye Natural Wheelchair Nationals

 B/W was 139.0 (ate later last night than normal and weigh in was earlier)

Re-feed today instead of tomorrow as a birthday present to myself.

I did a chest workout today. “A” I did rest-pause for the whole 25 set workout. (4 or 5 deep breaths between sets)

  • 8 sets of Smith Machine Bb Incline Presses.
  • 8 sets of Smith Machine Bb Flat Presses.
  • 5 sets of Bb Decline Presses
  • 4 sets of Cable Crossover Flies

 “B” will be 4 sets for saturation Flat Bb presses and 6 sets Abb Crunches, 35 total sets today.

Thanks to the snow storm the gym was empty today and a rest-pause workout was easy to get in.

March 24th

23 days out.

Day after re-feed B/W = 139.0

Looking hard and dry. More veins, cuts and definition showing up each day. Ok on the todays work out.

Today was a back and cardio day. Whole workout was a rest-pause work out. 25 Sets

  • 4 Sets- of chest supported “T” Bar Rows
  • 8 Sets- of H.S. High Rows. I alternated between single arm and double arm pulls and normal and “Glass” grip.
  • 4 Sets- of H.S. Low Rows
  • 1 Set- Single Arm Chin Ups, Right then Left.
  • 4 Sets- Db Seated Incline Bench, Face up Shrugs
  • 4 Saturation Sets- Pro grip Lat Pull Downs


20 min’s hand bike cardio

Tonight posing and routine practice for 1 hour.

March 25th


22 days out

B/W= 138.8 this morning. Macros: Pro – 175 , Carbs – 70 , Fats – 36

Today was a Delt, Arms and Abb day.

I also did a vein test. (15 min pre stage routine ) ½ way threw the day and no water depletion. This will show a worst case scenario if the expediters are off on the going on stage time and I come in smooth.

Ok on to the out line of the work outs.


  • 8 Sets of H.S. ISO Shoulder Presses.
  • 4 Sets of “Glass Style” Cable Cross Over Rear Delt Pulls
  • 8 Sets of Db Seated Alternating Curls, set 3 and 4 got 60’s for 2 reps – a PR
  • 1 Set of Plate Over Head Tri Extensions
  • 8 Sets of Tri Press Downs, alternating between a Straight Bar and Ropes. Set 6 and 7 were the stack for Set 6 x 5 (chair was sliding) Tammy setup different for holding me down and Set 7 was Stack x 10.

 20 min’s Hand Bike cardio.


  • 4 Sets Weighted Abb Crunches
  • 2 Sets of Straight Arm Pull Downs, concentration on using locking the core for the pull.

1 hour of Posing tonight.

March 26

B/W = 138.6

30 min’s cardio

Posing 1 hour.


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