2011 show prep Ajustments (updated as changes are made)

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Show Prep

OK here we go. 

 Pre-prep is over, now its full steam ahead.   I’m setting up my macro’s per day at

  •  Proteins = 175g
  •  Fats = 40g
  •  Carbs= 151g

   I work out in the morning so I’ll be eating

  •  40% my carbs pre work out (breakfast)
  •  40% with in a hour post work out (post w/o and lunch)
  •  20% I will be filtering out and decreasing toward the end of the day

   I start out no fats and by end of day high fats. My proteins are even all day. 

Cardio will be adjusted weekly as it is set by weight loss.  I’m going for 1 ½ – 2 lbs. a week.  Again this will also depend on how I look.  There is no magic number and a judge don’t get on stage and weigh or pinch test ya.  So how I look will set any adjustments I need to make as time goes on. 

  1. I will be starting pose practice ½ hour to hour a day.
  2. Rutein music is picked out and working on the poses in the rutein’s.
  3. At this time Supplements will stay the same.
  4. Keep body hair short with a shave now and then to get skin used to it.

O, did I say drink water  like a fish????????????    

   Alway keep a eye on were rest rooms are. I’ll be hitting them ever 15 min’s.  



Carb’s slowly droped to 120g’s.  Fats and pro’s still the same.

 March 25th

Carbs are down to 70.  Pro at 175,  Fats ay 36

Doing more posing averageing 1 hour a night.


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