April 30th – May 6th w/o's

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Training Logs

May 5th

B/W= 137.0

Todays macors: Pro= 175, Carb= 140, Fat= 136

Pose, pose, pose, pose.

May 4th

B/W= 138.6, Looked just as yesterday, but fuller.
No weights, No cardio today.
Just eat and pose. Amount of posing is after every meal again today plus when ever I get the big to check progress and practice routine.
Definitely more than 3 hours posing today.
Macro’s: Pro=175, Carb= 70, Fat=36.

May 3rd

B/W=138.0, Hard, dry, vainy, paper thin shin.

Macro’s: Pro= 175, Carb= 255, Fat= 36

Back and Delts

Just one workout mid day.
Slow saturation sets of Lat Pull downs a variety of grips.
Slow squeezing Delt cable raises again a variety of angles hit.

2 hours of posing.

May 2nd

B/W= 138.6 Looked hard and lean this morning.

Macro’s today Pro=175, Carb= 153, Fat= 36

Chest and Arms today.

Workout “A” (7:30am) 10 sets

  • 4 sets Bb Bench press
  • 3 sets S.S.- Tri Press downs super set with Cable curls. (6 total sets)

Workout “B” (3pm) 22 sets
Chest, Arms & Core

  • 8 sets Machine Seated Press
  • 8 sets Db Seated Curls
  • 4 sets Tri Press Downs

Liquid sups

  • 2 drop sets Abb Crunch Machine.

1 hour posing

May 1st

B/W= 137.6     Hard and dry.  Guest posing 6 days out.

EDIT, Added a cheat meal later in the day:    Macro’s:  Pro= 221, Carb= 230, Fats= 81

Water 1 gallon plus today.

Posing 60 min’s, no gym time. 

April 30th

A cheat style re-feed yesterday: B/W= 139.0,  FULL and a little splash over.

3000+ cals = 30% Pro, 40% Carb, 30% Fat. Today back to my normal cut macro’s. equaling 1210 cals.

Pro=175, Carb=70, Fat=36

As the day progressed I start to dried out again. Looking tight.

No gym but 60 min’s posing.

Went to NPC Fox Cities Bodybuilding Showdown to watch Jerome Dinh compete. Was a good time and met great people.


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