Finding your LBM with a Body fat test.

Posted: June 5, 2011 in About Training, Show Prep

This is more for the serous COMPETITIVE Bodybuilder’s info:Body fat testing is a big issue and misconception now days. Due to everyone posting different Pinch test calculations to get your Body Fat %’s.
Myself and another Pro Bodybuilder ran a test. Many don’t like the results because they don’t like what they here. So many CLAIM going on stage at 4% BF. This kills new people to the sports, ideals on good show conditioning. This is due to them using there results from the 3 point pinch in which is ok for general health but it is 8% off due to only testing in 3 places and only reads the subcutaneous fat.

So this is a false and inaccurate reading and calculation.

Test accuracy and how far off and what you should add to the more true results. 1 being most inaccurate and 7 being most accurate to date:

Hand held/stand on (scale style): + 12%
3 point skin fold: + 8%
5 point skin fold: + 4%
7 point shin fold: + 2%
Tank: + 1.25 %
Pod: + 1%
Ultra Sound: +- 0
Unfortunately these tests are also the more accurate the more expensive it is.
So my friend and Natural Pro Bodybuilder had access to ran the test like this:

First thing at wake up after emptying the bladder.
NO food or water so it would be true body dry weight and no water retention.
All the tests ran back to back before any water or food was taken in.

This may raise some discussion BUT to accurately find your Lean Body Mass for a good nutrition plan and get shredded, it is very crucial information.

I have found the 7 piont on my site on the “Calculators” page .

It uses a calculation very very close to getting same results as the Ultra Sound test.

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