June 6th-11th Training log

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Training Logs

June 10th     

Chest, Tri’s  24 – sets


Db Presses

  • 7 sets, Hightlight: set 6 – 115’s for 2 and a PR

Bb Incline Presses

  • 4 set

H.S. Incline Press

  • 1 sets   

Machine Ext. Arm  Flies

  • 4 sets

Tri V-Handle Press Downs

  • 4 sets

Tri Rope Press Downs

  • 4 sets


June 9th     


Chest, Tri’s (play day)  Body weight 149 lbs.

A workout    

 205lb. Bb Presses, slow controlled descend, 2 sec pause at bottom, 30” grip at outside of pinkies,  ( no gloves, belt, shirt, wrist wraps, P/L Meet form practice).

  •  8 sets


 B workout, Tri’s

V-Handle Tri Press Downs, Whole Stack

  • 8 sets, 20 reps each, Cutler style


June 8th     


Back and Bi’s

 A   workout  20  sets in  60 min.

 H.S. ISO High Rows

  • 6 sets,      High Light:   set 4 – 227 per side single arms for 5


H.S. ISO Seated Rows,  static holds

  • 6 sets


Fixed Bb JB Style Curls

  • 3 sets   


Db Seated Alternating Curls

  • 5 sets

 B workout,  No  B.  We have a son’s graduation tonight.



June 7th     

  Delts, Traps and Ab’s


A workout, Obl, Delts, Traps – 20 sets

Db Pull Overs

  • 3 sets

Db Shoulder Presses

  • 4 sets

Machine Side Delt Side Laterals

  • 4 sets   

Machine Ext. Arm Reverse Flies

  • 4 sets

Db Incline Bench Face down Shrugs

  • 3 sets

Db Incline Bench Face Up Shrugs

  • 2 sets

 Highlights:  Db shrugs were with 130’s.

B workout,  Rear Delts and Abs – 12 sets

Grass Style Cable pulls

  • 6 sets

H.S. Ab machine

  • 6 sets

June 6th     

    Chest and Tri’s.

A  Gym time 1 hour.

  H.S. ISO Incline Press, done on vertical press with seat all the way down.

  • 8 sets

Decline Bb Presses

  • 4 sets   

v Chest trashed

 Tri Press Downs, V handle

  • 5 sets

Tri Press Downs, Straight bar

  • 2  sets Underhand Grip
  • 2 sets Overhand Grip


 B workout, Chest, Tri and abbs

V Bar Tri Press Downs

  • 2 sets

Machine Extended Arm Flies. Sat all the way down

  • 2 sets

H.S. Machine Ab Crunches

  • 5 sets

V Bar Tri Press Downs

  • 2 sets

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