June 20th – 25th Workouts.

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Training Logs

June 24th     

  Play again day

 Morning:  Bi Workout, 9 – sets

Bi, High Cable Pull Downs

  • 6 sets

Low Cable Bi Curls, Straight Bar

  • 3 sets 


Night play time, Chest and Back and Bi’s

Db Flat Presses

  • 2 sets

With me not strapping myself to the bench it is very easy for me to loose balance ( I’ve have flipped off the bench before, like a hot potato.  lol ) so my spotters will help me keep stable only they don’t lift at all.



H.S. ISO High Row

  • 4 sets

FreeMotion High Cable,  Double Bi Curls

  • 2 sets

June 23rd     

  Play Chest day

 Morning  Workout 5 – sets

Bb Flat Presses

  • 5 sets @ 205 

 Today was pretty busy but got in my play time.  Not as much as I would like to have but today at least it’s some.    Good think it’s a play week.   Play again tomorrow then weekend off and back to full grind stone of 30+ sets on Monday.

June 22nd     

  B/W = 152

Play Back and Tri

 Morning  Workout 23 – sets

FreeMotion Lat pull down

  • 6 sets

Machine Chest supported Rows

  • 4 sets

Db Pull overs

  • 3 sets

Reverse Grip Bb Presses

  • 3 sets

Tri Extension Machine

  • 5 sets

Tri Reverse Grip Press downs

  • 2 sets

June 21st

B/W = 152

Play Delt Trap Workout 13 – sets

Db Front Raises, palm up
• 3 sets
Db Front Raises
• 3 sets
Db Seated Shrugs (130’s)
• 3 sets
H.S. ISO Shoulder Presses
• 3 sets
Machine Reaverse Flies
• 1 sets

Just playing with lighter weight except for the the Db Shrugs.
Tomorrow will be a play Back and Tri day.

June 20th     

  Play day.    Body weight 156.

 Play Workout

Db Decline Presses

  • 60’s x 10
  • 100’s x 10
  • 100’s x 9
  • 100’s x 7

Bb Flat presses

  • 135 x 15 – 5 sec. static holds ½  up
  • 135 x  – sat set

This week will be a play week.  Monday  Jer, Lance and I are going to a new rotation.  


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