Chocolate Almond Cake.

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Healthy Respices by Tammy Knapp
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Chocolate AAEFX NF Pro = 35g

AAEFX Vanilla LBA = 15g

 Almond’s = 10

Whole Wheat Pancake mix = 44g

378 cals,

36.5 Pro,

42.67 Carb’s

 9.78 good fats

Cooking spray a microwavable small Pyrex bowl.

Mix NF and Pancake mix with a fork adding small amounts of water till it is mud thickness.

Add 10 average size almonds spred out on top. (they will sink to middle as it cooks) if they sink right away you made it to thin.

Mic 30 sec’s. as a time till done all the way threw. (you will see air pockets/bubbles  threw the bowl) (30 at time will keep from foaming over also)

Take out and run the fork down the sides to break it free.

Dump on a plate and put 15 g’s of LBA over the top as a glaze.



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