My review on AAEFX GlutZorb.

Posted: November 1, 2011 in AAEFX Behind the doors info.

My final review on AAEFX GlutZorb.

Out side my R/C issues. I love the recovery I get from GlutaZorb.
Pre measured out into capsules makes it a snap to get a dose needed.

I tried it pre w/o and post w/o.


  • Seamed to get less sore during w/o
  • Recovery between sets seamed take less time.

Post W/O:

  • Post W/O pain left sooner while the pump stayed.
  • I do 2 or 3 W/O’s a day and the recovery between seamed to be much better.

I now take 1 cap. pre large muscle group W/O and 1 post.

Small muscle groups I take 1 cap. post for the recovery.

The ONLY thing I don’t care for is I pull my daily supps the night before and put them in a organizer. The “GlutaZorb” lettering on the cap comes off easy and they are the same size and color as my HBM’s so it is easy to mix them up.

Other than that I would personally rank GlutaZorb a solid 10 on the recovery help alone, after using it for a month.


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