June 26th – July 1st

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Training Logs

Sat morrning BW: 160.5, major water dump and no sleep looking forward to w/o with Chris Nsubuga.

Chris Nsubuga ( Big 50 ) and I really slammed back and some Tri work. Finished off w/o with Pull Ups. The w/o rules went like this.

NO talking other than pushing each other.

Only break was while other one was doing there reps.

Every sets was a 3 step drop set.

Starting weight was never more than you could hold on contraction for a 3 count.

Ending weight varied. ( I had one set of Lat “V” handle pull downs that was as low as 50lbs.)

Absolutely no throwing, swinging the core or highsting the weight, making the muscle being worked do 100% of the work. Lock the core in place and don’t move it from that spot. (He was 100% dedicated to this.)

He yeld at me a few times when I would lean or highsting. When I went back to control I felt it worce than if I stayed doing it right. He reminded me on why for a bber its how you move it not how much you move.

Out side Db Rows (He started out doing Dead Lifts and I did Pull ups and Db presses while he did his Deads.) we never lifted anything more than around 120lbs. (The label on the stacks. But I think they were off because earlier when Chris was doing Deads, Tammy is 112lbs and couldn’t hand me down the Lat Pull Down Straight bar for a 80lb setting, and we all know she is strong enough to do that. )
We did Db rows just before our last set of Pull Ups, he did controled 150’s x what ever it took. At this time in the game I could only do 90’s controlled and like I do at home, 2 arm face down on Incline Low Rows.

During this w/o: 30+ sets. I had a small Black-out, didn’t leave mouth but tasted my breakfast, K-Otic and Karbolyn, swetted up a storm, had to have Tammy streach me, I loved every minute of it. Sunday (July 1st)  I rested.


June 30th and July 1st are cheet days, but also w/o days this time around.

June 29thIronMaster
In the morning.
Remember all my weigh in’s are first thing in the morning after I empty my bladder.
B/W: 164.8, last meal last night was a lot later than average, so it was much closer to the time I weight in.
I normally eat my last meal at 5pm. and in bed at 7pm. I ate at 6:45pm and was in bed at 7:30.

I also upper my sodium intake yesterday, I noticed it was too low. I’m not much on salting my foods so for me, this is the hardest macro for me to keep on track with.
I need 24 grams a day and I have been averaging 14-16 grams. Drinking a gallon of water a day, it’s better to go over seen as the extra will just wash away, than going under. Going under, your muscles and nerves suffer.

SALT is your freind.

June 28th
B/W: 164.4

Delts and Chest

Pre w/o: K-Otic, 10g’s Karbolyn, 5g Pure baking cocoa, HBM, GlutaZorb, 5g salt
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 20g natural lemon juice, 2nd to last set: LBA and Cell Rush
Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, 30g Karbolyn, spinach shake. HBM, GlutaZorb

W/O: “A”, Delts 15 min’s SpeedBall

Bb Military presses
• Bar warm up
• 135 x 3
• 135 x 5
• 155 x 5
• 175 x 2
• 155 x 5
• 155 x 6

Db Reverse Flies 22 ½ deg. Incline Bench, face down, palms facing feet
• 30’s x 12
• 30’s x 12
• 30’s x 12
 Cell Rush, LBA
• 30’s x 12
• 30’s x 12

W/O: B: Chest, Dakota came over for the first time to w/o in couple months or so. (he has been working out of town) so we did a M/E chest to see how much he lost. His job has keep him in pretty good shape.

Pre w/o: K-Otic, HBM, GlutaZorb
Intra w/o: BCAA’s
Post w/o: 7oz chicken breast HBM, GlutaZorb

Bb Flat Bench Presses
• 135 x 5
• 185 x 3
• 205 x 3
• 255 x 1
• 275 x 1 tying my PR for flat during a Bulk. (I’m cutting). I was pretty happy with this following a Morning Delt w/o.
• 280 x F, ¾ way up and missed getting the lockout.
• 280 x F
• 185 x 10
• 185 x 10
• 185 x 10

June 27th
B/W: 164.0 Off weights day.


June 26thRich Knapp

B/W: Down to 165.2lbs.

Back  and Tri’s,  

Pre w/o:   K-Otic, HBM, 5g’s pure Baking cocoa, GlutaZorb

 Intra w/o:    BCAA’a,  25g  lemon juice,  before last sets: LBA, Cell Rush

Immediate Post w/o: NF Pro whey, spinach, 30g Karbolyn, 10g soy nut shake.

W/O: #1, Back  

Pull ups, Chin ups, “V” Handle Lat Pull Down, 3 way (Jumbo sets)

  • 10-10-10
  • 10-10-10
  • 10-10-10

 Same as 9 single sets

22.5 deg. Incline Bench,  Db Low Rows

  • 12
  • 12

v  Cell Rush, LBA

  • 12



W/O:  “2” Tri’s

Pre w/o: K-Otic

Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 35g’s pure lemon juice

Post w/o:  supper

Tri Db Kick Backs, hold and squeeze on contraction.

  • 6 sets


EZ bar Over Head Tri Extensions, speed reps

  • 8 sets

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