July 9th- 15th workouts

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Training Logs

 July 13

Off day.

July 14th

It was a fun day. We all did challenges with our body weight. Flat Presses, Pull Ups, Chin Ups and Lat Pull Downs.

How many reps you could do with your body weight or weight equal to your body weight.

Tammy made a great 1 hour post workout meal plus I grilled out burgers and brats.

Karbolyn and K-Otic samples went out. Plus each person got Karbolyn and K-Otic pre lifting and Karbolyn post.

We discussed things like supplements, health, injuries and dealing with them.

I got pics, but some people were camera shy and didn’t want pics taken much or at all.

Over all everyone had a great time and enjoyed the food as well.

No spectacular weights were hit, just a few impressive reps count sets, but nothing great enough to wright about.

Goal was for everyone to have learned and enjoyed there time. Goal was achieved. We had a blast.

July 12th

Today Chest and Tri’s:

Pre w/o: K-Otic, , 25g Karbolyn, 5g pure cocoa, HBM, GlutaZorb, i-Ruch 475
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 20g natural Lemon juice, 30g Karbolyn
Immediate Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, spinach, Non-fat Milk, 40g Karbolyn, pineapple shake, AAEFX HBM

w/o = Chest, SpeedBall, Joint ReHab, power day

22 ½ deg. Decline, Db Press
• 40’s x warm up
• 85’s x 5
• 105’s x 5
• 120’s x 5, Lifetime PR
• 80’s x 10

Bb 22.5 Incline Presses
• 135 x 10
• 205 x 3
• 255 x 1
• 265 x 1, NEW PR
 Cell Rush, LBA
• 205 x 7
• 205 x 8

i-Rush 475 note: Took it pre w/o again. Tomorrow I’ll start post w/o and see how I like the recovery effect from it.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________

w/o = “#2” Tri’s

Pre w/o: HBM, GlutaZorb, K-Otic, 5g pure baking cocoa
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 30g Karbolyn
Post w/o: HBM, GlutaZorb, nonfat milk, chicken breast and string cheese, fig bars

Tri press Downs, Under, ropes and Overhand grip, Giant sets, slow
• 35 x 10/10/10
• 45 x 10/10/10
• 50 x 10/10/10
• 50 x 10/10/10
• 50 x 10/10/10
• 50 x 10/10/10
• 50 x 10/10/10

Same as 21 single sets.

 July 10th


Pre w/o: AAEFX’s HBM, GlutaZorb and K-Otic, 30g’s Karbolyn, i-Rush
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 10g Karbolyn, lemon juice, 5g pure baking cocoa, Cell Rush, LBA
Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF-Pro protein, non-fat milk, spinach and 30g Karbolyn, V-C shake, AAEFX’s HBM.

w/o: Morning- Back

“V” Handle Pull downs, weight plus micro chains, Slow and controlled, 8-2-8-2 tempo
• 100 x 10
• 100 x 10
• 100 x 10
• 100 x 10

Pro Grip plus chains, Goal: 5 to back of neck then 5 to front 8-2-8-2 tempo
• 100 x 10
• 100 x 10
• 100 x 10
Cell Rush, LBA
2 Pro Grip, 2 “V” handle, chains off, rep speed 1-1-1-1
• 100 x 20 (p)
• 100 x 20 (p)
• 100 x 20 (v)
• 100 x 20 (v)

i-Rush Note: Still liking the feeling during my w/o’s.
__________________________________________________ _______________
w/o: Night – Ab’s

Pre w/o’s: AAEFX’s HBM, K-Otic, GlutaZorb
Intra w/o’s: BCAA’s, 30g Karbolyn
Post w/o’s: AAEFX’s NF Pro whey protein, non-fat milk, spinach shake, AAEFX’s HBM.

Incline bench Ab crunch’s (I love being able to do these with my new bench. My low back is ok with it.)
• 8 sets


July 9th


Pre w/o: K-Otic, 5g Pure baking cocoa, 25g Karbolyn, HBM, GlutaZorb, i-Rush
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 30g Karbolyn, 2nd to last set: LBA and Cell Rush
Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, non-fat milk, 30g Karbolyn, spinach shake. HBM, GlutaZorb

W/O: Delts 15 min’s SpeedBall

Bb Military Press
• Bar x warm up
• 95 x 10
• 135 x 3
• 175 x 1
• 185 x 1, weight PR
Tightened my belt up more yet (spine = snap, crackle, pop) let’s do this.
• 195 x Failed
• 135 x 10

Db Military presses, concentrating on keeping shoulders back and in the sockets.
• 40’s x 20
• 40’s x 20
• 40’s x 20
 Cell Rush, LBA
• 40’s x 20
• 40’s x 14, Delts crapped out.

i-Rush Note: Nice veins showing in Delts today. Delts got full and hard.


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