July 30th – Aug 5th workouts

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Training Logs

July 30th

Traps and Delts

Speedball 15 min’s

Pre w/o: K-Otic, HMB, 5g pure baking cocoa, i-Rush
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 30g Karbolyn
Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, HBM, GlutaZorb , 30g’s AAEFX Karbolyn, spinach, low-fat chocolate milk shake.

W/O: morning, Traps and Rear Delts

Db Trap Pulls, 22.5 Incline Bench S.S. with seated Db Shrugs
• 85’s x 10/10
• 85’s x 10/10
• 85’s x 10/10
• 85’s x 15/10

(Same as 8 single sets)

Db 22 ½ Incline Bench, Rear Flies (face down, palms toward feet)
• 30’s x 10
• 30’s x 10
• 30’s x 10
• 30’s x 10
LBA, Cell Rush
• 30’s x speed trap pulls followed by rear flies, 20/10
• 30’s x “ “ “ “ “ “ “ , 20/10

Note: Must be the weather, both Tammy and I are in a very “Blaa” and tired mood. It took a lot of will power just to get out of bed. Even with it being a light workout, it drained the crap out of me. These light weights felt like a ton and I sweated my butt off today. Very, very unusual that K-Otic didn’t pull me out of this feeling. It did how ever get me back there and hitting it. Pre K-Otic, I felt like saying screw it today and using a weekly day off. Not good. Thank you K-Otic for getting me back there. A work out is better than nothing, even if it’s one like this. Mood and w/o: a 5 out of a 10.


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