Aug 13th – 19th workouts

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Training Logs

Aug 17 th

Pre w/o’s: K-Otic, 30g Karbolyn, HBM, GlutaZorb, i-Rush 475
Intra w/o’s: BCAA, 30g Karbolyn
Immediate Post w/o’s: AAEFX NF Pro, no-fat milk, 10g AAEFX Karbolyn, spinach, soy nuts, pineapple shake.

Chest and Back, primary chest

W/O: noon- rep range/saturation style w/o

Bb 22.5deg. Incline Presses
• Bar warm up
• 115 x 20
• 135 x 20

Single Arm Lat Pull Downs (R/L) S.S. with Bb 22.5deg. Incline Presses
• 55 x 10/10 – 205 x 10
• 55 x 15/15 – 205 x 10
• 55 x 15/15 – 205 x 12

Bb 22.5deg. Incline Press
• 135 x 25
• 135 x 20
Cell Rush, LBA

Db Incline Fly’s
• 3 sets


Aug 16th

Tri’s and Bi’s

Pre w/o: AAEFX’s HBM’s, K-Otic, 20g Karbolyn, i-Rush
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 35g Karbolyn, LBA, Cell Rush
Post W/O: AAEFX Whey Protein, spinach, 10g AAEFX Karbolyn, low-fat chocolate milk, soy nut shake. AAEFX’s Glutazorb, AAEFX HBM

w/o: noon (primarily Tri’s ) Joint ReHab right before w/o.

Bi Straight Bar Curl Downs S.S. with Tri Underhand Grip Press Downs.
• 45 x 15/15
• 45 x 15/15
• 45 x 15/15

Bi Straight Bar Curl Downs S.S. with Overhand Grip Straight Bar Press downs, slow
• 55 x 15/15
• 55 x 15/15
• 55 x 15/15

EZ Bar Skull Crushers, slow
• 35 x 15 ( adjusting set up)
• 35 x 15 “ “ “ “
• 35 x 15 (good now time to go up)

EZ Bar Skull Crushers (slow) S.S. with Rope Curls
• 55 x 10/15 (elbow discomfort on skulls)
• 55 x 10/15 (took a wider flat grip, little better)
• 55 x 13/15

EZ Bar, Narrow Hammer Grip, Presses, speed reps
• 55 x 20
• 65 x 20
• 105 x 15
• 105 x 20
Cell Rush, LBA
• 105 x 20
• 105 x 20

Aug 15th


Pre w/o: AAEFX’s HBM, GlutaZorb and K-Otic, 30g’s Karbolyn, i-Rush (Giving system a break from the cocoa.)
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 10g Karbolyn, Cell Rush, LBA
Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF-Pro protein, Low-fat chocolate milk, spinach, pineapple, banana and 10g Karbolyn, soy nut shake, AAEFX’s HBM.

w/o: mid-day, Back, all sets 4-1-4-1 tempo

“V” Handle Pull Downs
• 115 x 10
• 135 x 10
• 185 x 10

Pro Grip Lat Pull Downs to front
• 185 x 10, got sloppy
• 135 x 8, feel the pain. YESSSSSS
• 135 x 10, went to a happy place but yet concentrated on muscle contraction. After the set OUCHHHH….. lol

Wide grip Pull Ups
• 3 sets

Cell Rush, LBA

• 2 sets (1 sets standard wide grip and 1 set wide hammer grip)

Morning weigh in, Aug 15.

I’m eating more ( I upped my minimum daily macro’s last week. ) and losing weight (fat). Down to 165.6 after going back up to 168. I weigh myself dry (after going to can.) , first thing in morning, so the daily weight flexing from food and drink are NOT a issue in the weigh ins.

My workout have been less intense as far as rep and set count. I’m not sick any more. I’m making PR’s. All I can figure is I’m back on “AAEFX’s Test Charge” as of last week after a 2 month cycle off, and a person’s fat burning and storing abilities depend on their Testosterone levels.

Looks like I’ll have to up macro’s again and maybe start a few of what some would call “dirty meals”.

 Aug 14th

Pre w/o: K-Otic, 20g Karbolyn, HBM, GlutaZorb, i-Rush
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, 35g Karbolyn, LBA and Cell Rush
Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, low fat chocolate milk, 20g Karbolyn, spinach, banana shake. HBM, GlutaZorb

W/O: Light, but making weight feel heavy.

Bb Military Press, deep to front of neck (beyond my normal 90deg.)
• Bar warm up
• 135 x 2, ? Don’t know what’s going on here. Other than haven’t done them in a few workouts.
• 135 x 5, re aligned bench to clear lift off pins better.
• 135 x 5
• 135 x 5

Cable Single arm Bent over side raises, (R/L)
• 25 x 10/10
• 25 x 10/10
• 25 x 10/10

Db Reverse Flies, Palm’s facing feet.
• 20’s x 20
• 20’s x 20
• 20’s x 20
 Cell Rush, LBA
• 20’s x 20
• 20’s x 20

Can’t even squeeze the rear delts at this point they are so swelled.


11th and 12th were off days.

Aug 13th

 168 lbs.

Chest noon workout with Dakota.

Pre w/o:  AAEFX’s K-Otic, 30g Karbolyn, HBM, GlutaZorb, Joint ReHab Cream, SpeedBall 10 mins.

Intra w/o:  50g Karbolyn, ,  AAEFX’s Cell Rush and LBA

Post w/o’s: 8 oz. Low-fat milk, a AAEFX protein’s, spinach, pineapple shake. Glutazorb, HBM


22 ½ deg. Decline Bb Presses

  • ·        Bar warm up
  • ·        135 x 5
  • ·        205 x 5
  • ·        255 x 5
  • ·        275 x 1
  • ·        285 x 1, decided to skip the 295 and just go 300 right away.
  • ·        300 x 1, stopped 1″ from chest to make sure no chest/belly bounce and it was clean, PR, beating the 295 x 1 PR set on the 9th. Went up smooth and NO stall or grind so I tried 305.

    Unofficial/non-meet lift, I just made the old school Big boy club. Were I’m from, growing up if you could Db press 100’s or more. Bb bench 300 or more any angle, you were a beast.

  • ·        305 x Failed
  • ·        Cell Rush, LBA
  • ·        260 x 3
  • ·        205 x 10
  • ·        205 x 13

On my bench pressing I doing a “lbs. x 5” till I fail and only get 4, at that time I go to singles till I fail. Then I drop to a weight I can do 3-5 when I’m trashed.  Last 2 sets are saturation. 

I have been liking this lay out.  I don’t know if it has a fancy name or not but I like it.  My press and chest size has greatly improved doing things this way over the way I was doing it.  Chest, Back and Delts are the only days I do this.  My Bi’s and Tri’s like high reps and even Super Sets or Jumbo Sets.

Nothing I hate more than a e-mail asking for help because they have been stuck for a few months and when I ask about their training they throw some fancy name at me.  Don’t matter how fancy of name a workout has or how popular it is.  If you aren’t making gains either it’s not for your personal body or you aren’t putting in a true effort.

Yes, use the fancy name program as a starting point, keep a log and tweak it to what your personal body likes or if your logs show no change? Throw it out no matter how “Cool” it sounds to say you use that program.  I use “West Side” but you look like south side of a north bound cow after a year. I use 5 – 3 -1, but after a year you have made minimal changes.  Does it make sense to keep doing what you’re doing?   NO, either you’re not giving full effort or your personal body just doesn’t like it.

I’m not saying I’m the greatest or want to come off that way,  I sure got a slap in the face of “Not me.”reality  and learned from it.  In my first go around in competitive bodybuilding I was stubborn. This go around I’m not, and making much more gains.

I have changed everything I used to believe from reading (web wasn’t as big back then.) from workouts to meal timing and even sups and sup timing.

Be honest, how many times have you talked with a person in the gym or on web and in back of your mind you thought “WoW, something is wrong.” No matter if it’s for workouts or nutrition for Bulk or Cutting. Even though you’re nice and don’t say anything or even agree with them.

When you are on stage you don’t need a “Fancy name” to impress people,  if you’re dedicated and driven your results will do it for you. If you go for the fancy names or follow the pack to impress people then you’re in the wrong game.

If you like to follow the pack then take up Dog Sled Racing.



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