8/27-9/2 workouts

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Training Logs

Aug 31st

Tri’s and Bi’s

Pre w/o: AAEFX’s HBM’s, K-Otic, i-Rush
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, LBA, Cell Rush, pure baking cocoa
Post W/O: AAEFX Whey Protein, spinach, 10g AAEFX Karbolyn, low-fat chocolate milk, shake. AAEFX’s Glutazorb, AAEFX HBM

w/o: light weight (primarily Tri’s ) Joint ReHab right before w/o.

Bi Straight Bar Curl Downs S.S. with Tri Press Downs.
• 25 x 15/15
• 45 x 15/15
• 45 x 15/15

Bi Straight Bar Curl Downs S.S. with Stiff Arm Bar Press downs
• 55 x 15/15
• 55 x 15/15
• 55 x 15/15

Double arm Db Kick Backs
• 20’s x 15
• 20’s x 15
• 20’s x 15

Things still looking good for going full boat on Monday.


Aug 30th

Chest, light test day for how my jaw reacts.
I’m switching things up a bit for timing, due to starting a lean out coming up to my cutting for the “2013 Tournament of Champions” in Ohio on April 13th.
2 years of bulk leads up to my stage package at this show.

Pre w/o: AAEFX’s K-Otic, HBM, GlutaZorb, Joint ReHab Cream, SpeedBall 10 mins.
Intra w/o: BCAA’s, AAEFX’s Cell Rush and LBA
Post w/o’s: 8 oz. Low-fat milk, a AAEFX protein’s, spinach, Karbolyn shake. Glutazorb, HBM

w/o: light weights but slow tempo, concentrating on squeezing the pecs.

22 ½ deg. Decline Bb Presses
• 135 x 10
• 135 x 10 (wide reverse grip)
• 135 x 10 (narrow grip)

22 ½ deg. Incline Bb Presses
• 135 x 10
• 135 x 10
• 135 x 10

Low Cable Single Arm Flies, lying on bench (R/L)
• 15 x 10/10
• 25 x 10/10
• 25 x 10/10

Ab crunches
• 6 sets

Jaw seamed to handle it. Little off due to meds but got a good sweat going.
Think on next Monday I will go full boat.

Well I got 2 more teeth pulled on 8/27 plus they found nerve infections in my jaw so I’m on meds and off weights for 3 days.


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