Training Dec 10th – 16th

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Training Logs

Dec  10th ExoticMeatSnacks

Bodyweight = 153.4

Pre w/o:   K-Otic, HMB, GlutaZorb, i-rush

 Intra w/o:  Karbolyn, LBA, Cell Rush

Immediate Post w/o:  AAEFX’s NF Pro, nonfat cottage cheese, spinach blended together. HMBi-Rush 475


Weighted Ab Crunches

  • 10 sets
  • Cell Rush, LBA
  • 6 sets


Dec 11th

Body weight  = 152.6

Off weights and cardio.

Chest and Ab’s sore to touch so I took another day to let the body recover.


Dec 12th

Body weight = 152.0

Pre w/o:  K-Otic, AAEFX Karbolyn, HMB, i-Rush, HMB, V-D3

Intra w/o:  Cell Rush, LBA

Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, non-fat cottage cheese, spinach shake.  V-E, HMB, GlutaZorb,

W/O: Delts, Traps

 Db Trap Pulls S.S. with Heavy Band Rear Delt Flies.

  I have Lifeline USA,  3 slot handles with weight bands. I have 2 yellows = 70 lbs. each and a green = 10 lbs.  So I can make different combinations with them with a max of 150 lbs.

  • 5 sets

( Same as 10 sets )

Single Arm Cable Lateral Delt Raises (R/L – 2 sets back to back without a brake)

  • 4 set
  • Cell Rush, LBA
  • 6 sets, all back to back

15 min’s. of posing


Dec 13th

Bodyweight: 151.6


Pre w/o:   K-Otic, HMB’s, i-Ruch 475, Joint ReHab cream

 Intra w/o:    LBA, Cell Rush

Immediate Post w/o:   HMB’s, V-D3, V-E. NF-Pro whey, spinach, non-fat cottage cheese shake.


 Bb 22 ½ deg. Decline Press

  • 3 sets

Bb 22 ½  Incline Presses

  • 3 sets

Laying Band Single Arm, cross-body Flies, slow and squeeze

  • 6 sets
  • LBA, Cell Rush
  • 2 sets

15 min’s posing.


Dec 14th

Bodyweight = 151.4

Off weights, short photo shoot.


Dec. 15th

Body Weight = 153.8


Pre w/o: AAEFX’s HMB’s, i-Rush 475, K-Otic, Glutazorb

Intra w/o:   LBA, Cell Rush

Post W/O: AAEFX Whey Protein, non-fat cottage cheese, and spinach shake.  AAEFX’s Glutazorb, AAEFX HMB


Cable Curl Downs slow and squeeze. They hurt today, so it meant they were hitting the heads hard.  Stuck with what was working.

  • 11 sets

 Tri Press Downs, Overhand/Ropes/Underhand, Jumbo sets

  • 4 sets
  • Cell Rush, LBA
  • 2 sets

(Same as 18 single sets.)

Bi Curl Downs

  • 1 set

15 min’s posing.


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