Form’s and Wheelchair style training.

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Training Video

Cardio on the Pro-Form Hybrid.

Pull Ups with a cage

Pull-Ups with a bench



Hand bike made out of a standard bike.

 Training with a medical service dog.

Training Abb’s


Here is how I do Cardio at home.  Tammy tips it up next to the bed before work. If she needs it she can put it back down. So we both can use it this way. I sit on the corner of the bed so my legs can straddle the bike frame/body.

Tammy’s help to do dips.


Being I can’t stand for doing Shrugs, here is how I do Db Shrugs.

If you are just starting out or just want to get fit.

Tammy helps me up, locks my knees so all my weight is on the chest support.



 For the more advanced:

Here is how My partner and I do Saturation sets.



Below is a Glass Grip on a Hammer Strength ISO High Row. I use this for my saturation sets.

How to use a Side Delt Raise Machine to do your Front Delt Raises.


 If you have a partner or can get someone to load the Dumbbells for you. This is the way we set up for me to do Dumbbell Presses.



 You can use your chair for doing Bench Dips as shown below.

From here down are back when I first started my come back.


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