March 11th – 17th training log.

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Training Logs

March 17th

Bodyweight = 145.6 (day after re-feed).

Off weights and cardio.


March 16th

Bodyweight 143.4 – re-feed day today.

Off weights

20 min’s. Hybrid cardio

Notes:  Still on track. Weight is in same ball park but I am pleased with how I’m looking and the direction changes are going. 4 Saturdays from now I’ll be waking up on show day morning.  WOW, after starting prep back in Oct.  It is finally down to the wire. I won’t lie.  I am looking forward to it and reverse dieting back to bulk. But I have to keep show day and dedication to show day. Not the time after.  My goal is show day, not the bulk after.


March 15th

Bodyweight = 143.4

Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Pro, HBM, GlutaZorb, i-Rush, AAEFX Joint Rehab

Intra w/o: AAEFX’s  LG-5, LBA and Cell Rush

Post w/o: NF-Pro, HBM, GlutaZorb, spinach, Greek yogurt shake.

W/O:  Full body, Push Pull layout, low sets each.

Bb Military Pin press

  • 3 set

Pro Grip Lat Pull Down

  • 3 sets

22 ½ Deg. Incline Bb Press

  • 3 sets

Tri Press Downs, Reverse grip

  • 3 sets

Cable Curls, Straight Bar

  • 3 sets

Ab Crunches

  • 3 sets

Hybrid Cardio 15 min’s

  • LG-5, LBA, Cell Rush @ 2 min’s of cardio left.
  • Planed on 20, but had to stop and use rest room.

15 min’s posing.


March  14th

Bodyweight = 143.6


Pre w/o:   Kre-Alkalyn Pro, HMB, GlutaZorb, i-rush, Vitamin D-3

 Intra w/o:   LBA, Cell Rush, LG-5

Immediate Post w/o:  AAEFX’s NF Pro, Greek Yogurt, spinach blended together. HMB, Vitamin E


Incline Board Crunches, 15 sec breaks

  • 8 sets (LBA, Cell Rush and GL-5 between set 6 and 7)

Never counted, just went until I couldn’t get another one out.

Only 30 days until I roll on stage.  Things are on track and looking good.


March 13th

Bodyweight: 143.6 (4 weeks and 3 days and it’s show day.)

Mid-Morning Hybrid cardio for 20 min’s. ,  H/R @ 139


Pre w/o: AAEFX’s K-Otic, HMB, GlutaZorb, i-Rush, vitamin D-3k-oticstore

Intra w/o:  Cell Rush, LBA, LG-5

Post w/o: AAEFX’s NF-Pro protein, Greek Yogurt, pineapple and spinach shake, AAEFX’s HMB, Vitamin E


 “V” Handle Pull Downs S.S. with Pro Grip LPD Handle Chest Supported Low Rows

  • 4 sets (same as 8 singles)

Chest Supported “V” handle Low Rows

  • 4 sets

“V” Handle Chest Supported Trap Pulls

  • 2 sets

Cell Rush, LBA, LG-5

“V” Handle C/S Trap Pulls

  • 4 sets


March 12th

Body Weight: 143.8 3d-muscle-journey


Pre w/o:  AAEFX’s Kre-Alkalyn Pro, HMB, Vitamin D-3, GlutaZorb, Joint ReHab Cream

Intra w/o:    AAEFX’s Cell Rush, LG-5 and LBA

Post w/o’s:   AAEFX NF-Pro whey protein, Greek Yogurt, spinach, Pineapple shake, HMB, Vitamin E


Rope Hammer Curls

  • 75 x 10
  • 75 x 10
  • 75 x 10

  Straight Bar Cable Curls

  • 70 x 10
  • 70 x 10
  • 70 x 10
  • 70 x 10

Reverse Grip Tri Press Downs S.S. with Overhand Grip

  • 45 x 10/10
  • 45 x 10/10
  • 45 x 10/10
  • 45 x 10/10

AAEFX’s Cell Rush, LBA and GL-5

Db Curls for saturation

  • 30 x 20
  • 30 x 20
  • 30 x 20



Karbolyn banner of me

March 11th  

Body weight:  144.8 lbs.

Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Pro, HMB, Joint ReHab Cream, i-Rush, GlutaZorb and Vitamin D-3

Intra w/o:    AAEFX’s Cell Rush, LG-5 and LBA

Post w/o’s:   AAEFX NF-Pro whey protein, Greek Yogurt, spinach, pineapple shake, HMB, vitamin E

W/O: Saturation work.

22.5 deg. Incline Bb press

  •  warm up set
  • 6 set. Sets
  • (total of 105 reps)
  • AAEFX’s LBA, Cell Rush and GL-5 with 2 min’s cardio left
  • 20 min’s Hybrid cardio, Heart rate @ 140



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