July 1st threw 7th training.

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Training Logs

Over the weekend just recovered and relaxed. Dis a little cardio here and there. 


July 1st

Pre w/o :  **NEW** K-Alkalyn Hardcore (3 caplets), HMB’s, Joint Rehab, i-Rush

Intra w/o :   40g’s Karbolyn, 5g’s pure baking coca.   LBA, Cell Rush, LG-5 just before last set.

Immediate Post w/o :  AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, non-fat cottage cheese, spinach, shake.  HMB’s, V-E, V-C

 Nonfat milk, 2 rice cakes.

Bb 45* Incline Presses ( just going to 90* due to delt)

  • 45 x 15, warm up
  • 135 x 10
  • 205 x 3
  • 255 x 3
  • 275 x 1
  • 295 x 1
  • 305 x F, CNS gave out
  • 135 x saturation
  • 135 x sat.

Review on Kre Alkalyn Hardcore

I’m liking it.  Like K-Otic but pre measured out. 

Easy of use: 10

Taste: N/A

Effect: 9

Does what they claim: 10

My overall rating:  10

They have come out with another great product that does what they claim.  A great alternative if you can’t take K-Otic or handle a full serving of K-Otic. With this you can just find the number of caplets that works best for you.


July 2nd    


Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore, GutaZorb, i-Rush, HMB’s

Intra w/o:  40g’s Karbolyn, 5g’s pure baking coca,   2nd to last set: LBA Pro, Cell Rush and AAEFX Glutamine – Raspberry Rush

Immediate Post w/o:  NF-Pro whey, non-fat cottage cheese, spinach, pineapple shake. 2 rice cakes


 Cable Straight Bar push Downs Over hand, under hand, slow, squeezing super sets

  • 25 x 10/10
  • 35 x 10/10
  • 45 x 10/10
  • 45 x 10/10
  • 45 x 10/10
  • 45 x 10/10

Same as 12 single sets

Can still see sterrations in the Triceps.  I like that. 




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