7/8 threw 7/14th training

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Training Logs

July 10th

Yesterday (July 9th) I was real run down and slept 80% of the day.  So did morning  Bicepts and afternoon back today.   

Intra w/o: 40g’s Karbolyn, 1 GlutaZorb caplet

Db Incline Bench Alternating Curls (R/L)

  • 30’s x 10/10
  • 40’s x 10/10
  • 40’s x 10/10
  • 50’s x 5/5
  • 50’s x 5/5
  • 40’s x 10/10

Post workout: AAEFX’s IGF-33 whey powder, Greek yogurt, HMB, 1 GlutaZorb caplet

2nd workout.  


Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore, 20g’s Karbolyn, HMB’s, i-Ruch 475, GlutaZorb, Joint ReHab

Intra w/o:  20g’s Karbolyn, BCAA’s, 5g pure baking coca, LBA, Cell Rush, LG-5

Immediate Post w/o:  AAEFX’s IGF-33 whey, non-fat cottage cheese, Low fat milk, spinach shake. HMB’s, V-E, V-C.


High cable Rows, slowww with a squeeze

  • 155 x 10
  • 155 x 10
  • 155 x 10

Pro Grip Lat Pulldowns, to front all muscle no momentum.

  • 155 x 10
  • 155 x 10
  • 155 x 10

That’s enough with how dragged out I was yesterday.  Body needs some time to rejuvenate. 


Over the weekend just recovered and relaxed from a July 4th holiday Sunburn.


July 8th

Pre w/o :  **NEW** K-Alkalyn Hardcore (3 caplets), HMB’s, Joint Rehab (felt good on sunburn), i-Rush, GlutaZorb

Intra w/o :   40g’s Karbolyn, 5g’s pure baking coca.   LBA, Cell Rush, LG-5 just before last set.

Immediate Post w/o :  AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, non-fat cottage cheese, spinach, shake.  HMB’s, V-E, V-C

 Nonfat milk, 2 rice cakes.

Chest: Light, Saturation day

Db Flies S.S. with Band Flies

  • 3 sets (same as 6 higher rep sets.)

Sunburn hurt like heck laying on it. Felt like skin was being ripped apart when any weight was put on it.

Peanut has been keeping a close eye on me as the sunburn is dragging me out. 

On the other side.  I’m liking the AAEFX  Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore and will be going with all the Hardcore line as they come out.   I will keep you posted on how my body likes them and work for me.


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