Training log – 7/15/2013 threw 7/21/2013

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Training Logs

July 18th

Off due to super high humidity in apartment.


July 19th

 Biceps and Triceps:

Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore, GutaZorb, i-Rush, HMB’s

Intra w/o:  40g’s Karbolyn, 5g’s pure baking coca,   2nd to last set: LBA Pro, Cell Rush and AAEFX Glutamine – Raspberry Rush

Immediate Post w/o:  BIG  Supper


 Cable Straight Bar Curl Downs S.S. Triceps Press Downs

  • 5 sets (same as 10 single sets)


20th and 21st

Not good days to over stress my body.    My M.S. was even effecting my family weekend days. 

Pain, lethargic, coward enation, speech  everything was off thanks to a storm front that came threw.

Time to step back, recover and then hit it hard again. 


July 16th   I did 5 min. Hand/arm cardio  nonstop run.   


July 17th

Back and light Traps:

Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore, 15g’s Karbolyn, HMB’s, i-Ruch 475, GlutaZorb, Joint ReHab

Intra w/o:  25g’s Karbolyn, BCAA’s, 5g pure baking coca, LBA, before last set LBA, Cell Rush and LG-5

Immediate Post w/o:  AAEFX’s IGF-33 whey, non-fat cottage cheese, Low fat milk, pineapple, spinach shake. HMB’s, V-E, V-C.


Db Face down 45 deg. bench double arm Rows to the hip not chest

  • 65’s for warm up.
  • 85’s x 10
  •  Mouth guard put in for tooth grinding. Versa Grips for safety.  Time to get real.
  • 105’s x 10

45 deg. Incline Double Arm rows to the hip  S.S. with 45 deg. Incline Trap Pulls.

  • 120’s x 10/10
  • 120’s x 8/10 (humidity was making breathing hard during reps)
  • 120’s x 10/10 (almost blacked out but drove threw it)

Lat Pull Downs, Chin up grip with a squeeze. Pulling at elbow’s NOT hand’s and Bicep. Learning to ONLY have the forearm as a link like a chain between elbow and grip is the key IMO. This also helps to keep you from pulling with the Bicep not the Lats.

  • 100 x 10
  • 100 x 10
  • 100 x 10


July 15th

Pre w/o :  **NEW** K-Alkalyn Hardcore (3 caplets), HMB’s, Joint Rehab (felt good on sunburn), i-Rush, GlutaZorb, HMB’s

Intra w/o :   40g’s Karbolyn, 5g’s pure baking coca.   LBA, Cell Rush, LG-5 just before last set.

Immediate Post w/o :  AAEFX’s NF Pro whey, non-fat cottage cheese, spinach, shake.  HMB’s, V-E, V-C

 Nonfat milk, 2 pop tarts.

Chest and Tri’s:

Bb 45 deg. Incline Presses, Paused: 1-4-1-2 tempo

  • Bar warm up
  • 135 x 10
  • 205 x 10
  • 205 x 10
  • 205 x 10

70 lbs. Band Flies with a squeeze, Jumbo set with Tri Pushdowns (underhand grip, then overhand both with a squeeze)

  • 20 – 30 x 10/10
  • 20 – 30 x 10/10
  • 20 – 30 x 10/10

Seen Tri’s get worked secondary when you do chest they feel pretty good (worked) with this w/o.

Chest feels worked.   Dedication to feeling target muscle doing the work was spot on today.


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