10 / 14 / 2019

Posted: October 14, 2019 in Training Logs


Pre Work Out:
MTS VASKY 3.5g, (1/2 serving), 3.8g MTS RUCKUS (1/2 serving), 2.5g MTS Creapure Creatine

Bottle Caps and water after every set. Stopped when we had 2 sets left.

Heavy weight.
3 reps each set
5 Jumbo sets (15 single sets)
Raising the weight 10 lbs. each jumbo set
All in 20 mins , Mack and I working out.

Incline–> Flat –> Decline = Machine press’s
3 reps each angle (9 reps each Jumbo set)
Same as total sets 15

A few of Macks last sets were forced assisted reps.

Post workout:
25g protein (whey powder includes 2.5g creatine), 2.5g MTS Creapure Creatine, 5g MTS Glutamine, applesauce, mixed fruit, blended shake


20 min bust butt w/o.  Feels sooooo good.

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