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My review on AAEFX’s KarboLyn.

Keeping my eyes open for you on the *NEW*  AAEFX   BCAA’s.  Rumor is “Nothing like it on the market.”


Whats New?

Posted: June 25, 2012 in AAEFX Behind the doors info.

As you all know I say it how it is, sponsor or not. Its my reputation on the line.

 If its works good for me I say so, If it works like crap for me, I say so. 

I will NOT review a product based on other peoples word or some study.

 These will be REAL WORLD  use and reviews.  Based on how it works for me personaly threw 1 month of using it.

 I will start a personal reviews on the new products here.



Nov. 9th, 2011

New vitamin formulas and fat burners are on the way, as are BCAA’s and more.


Oct 26th, 2011-  NEW Karbolyn Flavors in both 2.2 lbs and 4.4 lbs.

Neutral,  Orange,  Fruit Punch and Strawberry


Oct 21, 2011.  Watch for these.  I love the results in recovery from the GlutaZorb.

KarboLyn – Nothing like it out there. Close, but not the same.

Inside scoop: This should be great for extra carbs while cutting down for a show.  



Oct. 12th , 2011-  AAEFX is coming out with Karbolyn soon,  a  Bio-Engineered Carbohydrate.

  I have been liking the recovery improvement with the GlutaZorb. (see my workout logs for notes).

Oct. 04 2011-  AAEFX brought out a new product called GlutaZorb.   I will be taking it Oct. and post my feelings about it. 


ALL AMERICAN EFX SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS has been nominated for “creatine product of the year” by! Now everyone please go out and VOTE at Thank you!!!


AAEFX K-Otic was such a great hit for samples there phone lines were jammed so then the made a designated e-mail.  This got so jammed they then made a designated web site…ampaign=k-otic and the sample request just keep growing.   If you used one of the first two ways to request your samples and haven’t received them and it’s more than 8 weeks.  Please go threw the site and re-request them.  AAEFX is proud of there customer service and feel bad  about the delay on some requests.  


LG-5:  There has been talk about the color and thickness variations in       LG-5.    There is NO change in the formula.  The changes between bottles here and there are ONLY due to shelve life, raw materials (always in specs but they themselves may have a very very minor variation)   Inside sources verify there is NO change to the formula or effectiveness.  


How to tell if you have original K-Otic or the *NEW* Fruit Punch. This is the new logo on the "NEW" Fruit Punch

 The NEW has the new AAEFX logo with a bar below the “X” seperating the red and blue. 

OLD Logo on the "original K-Otic"/Fruit Punch

AAEFX is coming out with a form of BCAA’s withing 8 weeks.   Rumor is a Fat Burner and quality Weight Gainer is in the works.

My final review on AAEFX GlutZorb.

Out side my R/C issues. I love the recovery I get from GlutaZorb.
Pre measured out into capsules makes it a snap to get a dose needed.

I tried it pre w/o and post w/o.


  • Seamed to get less sore during w/o
  • Recovery between sets seamed take less time.

Post W/O:

  • Post W/O pain left sooner while the pump stayed.
  • I do 2 or 3 W/O’s a day and the recovery between seamed to be much better.

I now take 1 cap. pre large muscle group W/O and 1 post.

Small muscle groups I take 1 cap. post for the recovery.

The ONLY thing I don’t care for is I pull my daily supps the night before and put them in a organizer. The “GlutaZorb” lettering on the cap comes off easy and they are the same size and color as my HBM’s so it is easy to mix them up.

Other than that I would personally rank GlutaZorb a solid 10 on the recovery help alone, after using it for a month.