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MTS Machine Whey Protein 5lbs. - Gourmet Cookies & Cream

Machine Whey® Premium Whey Protein Powder

One of the better to best whey proteins I have tried.

  • Outstanding taste in every flavor I tried.
  • Mix’s well
  • Every sample was consistent.
  • Not filled with a abundant of added additions. GREAT for them that like measuring everything out per personal needs.
  • Cut and dry, clean protein at it’s best.


More a mid to upper end for cost.  I feel it is worth every penny of it.

Good protein for everything from general health to competitive level.


IMO review Cellucor C4 Ultimate

Posted: December 19, 2019 in IMO supplements

C4 Ultimate

I took the C2 as directed. Orange Mango was not my liking for taste. I’m not a mango guy. So I chugged it. 20 min pre workout.

I used to use the original C4 before they changed ” the ORIGINAL ” and liked it. The new original I don’t like.
This Extreme is closer to original than their original.

I did feel a bit more awake, but didn’t notice more drive or concentration. Maybe for others they will. Didn’t get a pump or feel like I killed the muscles as with same workout and other pre workouts.  Felt like I took honey and strong coffee for energy and added Creatine.  More convenient than than coffee and such added to it.

Honestly?  I had used the very first original C4 many years ago and I was disappointed as this hit me LESS.

Mixed well and no gut rot or stomach upset. No shakes.

IMO: Cut and dry=

For price? If not on budget. Extreme is ok.
Budget? May want to look at others.
Mixing: GREAT
Taste: I’d have to try others. Orange Mango was not for me.

IMO MTS VASKY pump inducer

Posted: November 27, 2019 in IMO supplements

This I have to say, it is a product I do like and will keep using it.

I have taken full and 1/2 servings.  For my body weight a 1/2 serving works well.  On the plus side it also gives me 60 servings.

I have tried it working out with food in stomach (morning post breakfast workouts and empty stomach night workouts). Full stomach 15 to 20 min pre w/o. Empty stomach I take it like a shot just before w/o.

I have only used the unflavored so can’t comment on the flavored ones.  I do unflavored because I stack it with my other pre workout also.

I have small thin blood veins but with VASKY they swell and carry more of that important oxygen carrying blood to the muscles.  YES, I like it does what they claim. I would recommend it for anyone with small thin veins or just if you want the better blood flow.

Taste = Can’t comment on flavor, unflavored I didn’t notice and taste.

Mix it = Very well. I steer mine with a spoon and it dissolves very well.

COST = around $0.66 per full serving, so $0.33 per 1/2 serving.  IMO not bad for what it does.

Bottom line. Could I tell between taking it and not?    YES


Ruckus® High Performance Pre-Workout

UPDATE 03/04/2020:  Pineapple will curl your teeth in a good way. Great true pineapple taste. It’s like eating a wedge of pineapple.

Well ,on this product I have to say it rates up as one of the best or best pre workouts I have used.  I only use a 1/2 serving is has so much kick.

If want drive?  You want to try this.  No shakes, no crash no skin tingle.

Just straight up drive and energy. You won’t think it’s working until to look at your log for the day and what you just did. Then it’s “WoW I did that great? “.

Personally I have busted many PR’s since I started using this pre workout.

This is just a hard core pre workout. No bells and whistles added to it like creatine or Glutimine

  • Absorption= Empty stomach, 5 min’s ready to go. Some food in stomach, 15 to 20 min.
  • Mixing well= No clumps, just a good shack and ready to go.
  • Taste= Chewy Fruit is great . I love the taste.  NO after taste or bad taste when you burp.
  • Price= If you can use a 1/2 serving. It’s budget price. Full serving it falls in the mid to high cost range.


I recommend this pre workout.  Keeping in mind not all products work for every body chemistry.

Product image

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey – Double Rich Chocolate

One of the better whey proteins I have tried.

  • Great taste
  • Mix’s well
  • Every tub was consistent with the rest.
  • Good mix of added nutrients and BCAA’s

More on mid to upper end for cost, but I feel it is worth it. Good mix for everything from general health to competitive level.

Worth it to try is you don’t look for low budget and don’t mind the mid to higher end of scale for cost.

BODYTECH ‘s  Flash Point Pre-Workout Concentrate – Rainbow Sherbert.

Product imageProduct imageProduct image

I used this for a couple months to get a honest thoughts about it.

I’ll get right to the IMO and skip all the run around. If you want to try it?  Low cost.  See if your body don’t adapt.  You can find more info here on their site.  BODYTECH Flash Point

Mixes very well and stays mixed.  They have a few flavors but I stayed with Rainbow Sherbert.  I loved the taste.   I measured out every serving and there was always the right number or a small amount extra. So you will get the serving count you pay for.

At first use of it I found it worked very well.  I had good drive. Think focus was more because I was wide awake and had the drive. I was impressed with the low cost pre workout.  This may be a good P/W for the average person with a average system. I have a system that on average, adapts quiet fast to things. This is also why I have to cycle things once my system adjusts to what I am taking.


  • Absorption=  All depends on how long since you ate.  On a empty stomach, it started to hit me on average 15min after taking it all at once. Some times I would take it as a shot (1/2 the water) and it would hit me faster.
  • Mixing well=  Very well and stayed mixed.
  • Price=  I would put this in a budget category. Does the job for a pocket friendly price. May have to cycle it with a different P/W.
  • Effects= In beginning.  I had good drive,  but then my body adapted to it and its effects went away after 2 months of use.

Would I buy again?  Yes,  if I find myself tight on cash and need a P/W.   I would buy this.

9/9/2019 BodyTech creatine

Posted: September 9, 2019 in IMO supplements
Product image

100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate Powder – Unflavored

What can you say about creatine?  As long as you drink plenty of water every day there is only a few area’s that can make a difference between creatines.

  • Absorption
  • Mixing well
  • Price

I used it for a few months and beat around bush, would class it this way:

  • Absorption=  I felt full muscle and recovered well.
  • Mixing well= Mixed very good and no sand feeling in your mouth with water.
  • Price=  I would put this in a budget category. Does it’s job for a pocket friendly price, but not top shelf or junk.

Would I buy again?  Yes,  if I find myself tight on cash and need creatine.   I would buy this.

Thoughts on new sups I try.

Posted: September 9, 2019 in IMO supplements
These posts will be my thoughts and how they worked for my body chemistry and age (53)

These are my thoughts and 100% honest, I pay for, no sponsored reviews.