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(on the road traveling: 12th and 14th) (show is on the 13th )

Bodyweight don’t mean anything. The only reason I track it, is to see how by body is reacting to what foods and H2O intake.


April 9th

Bodyweight: 140.4

My skin looks thin, dry and tight.  NO SPLASH over.  Look a little fuller but could be fuller.

Back and Bi’s

Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Pro, HMB, Joint ReHab Cream, i-Rush, GlutaZorb and Vitamin D-3

Intra w/o:    AAEFX’s Cell Rush and LBA

Post w/o’s:   Rice cake, AAEFX NF-Pro whey protein, BCAA’s,  Greek Yogurt, spinach shake, HMB, vitamin E

w/o:  5-3-5-1 tempo

Stiff Arm Pull Downs

  • 2 sets

 “V” Handle chest supported High Rows

  • 3 sets

Pro Grip chest supported High Rows

  • 3 sets

Cable curl Downs

  • 3 sets

Db Curls

  • 3 sets

Cell Rush, LBA, LG-5

Band Low rows

  • 3 set with low back squeezes


Posing 15 min’s



April 8th

Body weight:  139.6 lbs.

Re-fill day: carbs up to 200g’s, fats and proteins stay the same.

Pre w/o:  Kre-Alkalyn Pro, HMB, Joint ReHab Cream, i-Rush, GlutaZorb and Vitamin D-3

Intra w/o:    AAEFX’s Cell Rush and LBA

Post w/o’s:   Rice cake, AAEFX NF-Pro whey protein, BCAA’s,  Greek Yogurt, spinach shake, HMB, vitamin E

W/O: 80% normal weight, slow and controlled. Chest, Delts and Tri’s, 3-4-3-1 tempo

22 ½ deg. Incline Db press

  • 3 sets

22 ½ deg. Decline Db Presses

  • 3 sets

Band Flies

  • 3 sets

Db Military presses

  • 3 sets

Tri Press downs

  • 2 sets

AAEFX’s LBA, Cell Rush

Weighted Ab Crunches

  • 3 sets

20 min’s total time posing threw the day.


April 7th

Bodyweight: 140.0

Carb’s up another 10g’s, fats and proteins stay the same.

Pose, Pose, Pose

Flat, ripped, veins popping out even in my pecs. Fans for rear low Lats. Tri’s are twisted ropes under the skin. Tammy said if I look 1/2 this good after Peek week and carbing up.  I will be in better shape than my last show. This is a delicate area for me this year. It’s almost like I’m diabetic (super sensitive to any carbs, simple or complex) .

Posed for Tammy and her mouth dropped. I normally pose in the back room in front of my floor mirror. I keep covered.  Tammy normally don’t see anymore than anyone else. Sounds mean and not true, BUT how else can I get the judges reaction from her when she would see me all the time?

YES, I am one ANAL  MOFO. But I put my money were my mouth is.

  Now when you even shock you own wife in a good way with your changes,  that says a lot.


April 6th

Bodyweight: 139.8

Cardio and posing.

Looking flat, tight, thin skinned.  Got chair all cleaned up. Ripped my CD’s.

Show dieting.

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Show Prep

I couldn’t have said this better.  This is one of my 3DMJ Prep coaches and Pro Natural Bodybuilder Berto.

2011 Prep Progress pics

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Show Prep

Progress for cutting for the INBF Cardnal Classics guest posing.

April 16th, 2011.  Won WNBF Pro Card.


33 days out from 2011 INBF W/C  Natural Nationals.


 I can stand for short times for pics or short video’s.



 10 weeks out

Left Feb 6th 2010, Right Feb 6th 2011

Not sure what happened with my right shoulder on this shot. 

Dec 2010 – 4 months out
Please forgive the bad lighting, and milky white WI tan. lol


Jan 11th felt good enought to stand for a few back shots.



This is more for the serous COMPETITIVE Bodybuilder’s info:Body fat testing is a big issue and misconception now days. Due to everyone posting different Pinch test calculations to get your Body Fat %’s.
Myself and another Pro Bodybuilder ran a test. Many don’t like the results because they don’t like what they here. So many CLAIM going on stage at 4% BF. This kills new people to the sports, ideals on good show conditioning. This is due to them using there results from the 3 point pinch in which is ok for general health but it is 8% off due to only testing in 3 places and only reads the subcutaneous fat.

So this is a false and inaccurate reading and calculation.

Test accuracy and how far off and what you should add to the more true results. 1 being most inaccurate and 7 being most accurate to date:

Hand held/stand on (scale style): + 12%
3 point skin fold: + 8%
5 point skin fold: + 4%
7 point shin fold: + 2%
Tank: + 1.25 %
Pod: + 1%
Ultra Sound: +- 0
Unfortunately these tests are also the more accurate the more expensive it is.
So my friend and Natural Pro Bodybuilder had access to ran the test like this:

First thing at wake up after emptying the bladder.
NO food or water so it would be true body dry weight and no water retention.
All the tests ran back to back before any water or food was taken in.

This may raise some discussion BUT to accurately find your Lean Body Mass for a good nutrition plan and get shredded, it is very crucial information.

I have found the 7 piont on my site on the “Calculators” page .

It uses a calculation very very close to getting same results as the Ultra Sound test.

April 9th

Off everything.  1 hour posing.


  • Pro = 175, Carb = 70, Fat = 36

April 10th

B/W = 136.0


Pro = 175, Carb = 70, Fat = 36
This morning I looked hard, like a shrink rapped anatomy chart, but very flat.

Off weights and cardio, posing 1 hour.

There will be no cardio.

April 11th

Morning B\W = 135.4 Dry and ripped.

Macro’s: Pro = 175, Carb = 238 , Fat = 36

Back and Bi day, Low weights, 4-4-4-1 tempo

  • 3 sets H.S. ISO High Row

  • 3 sets H.S. ISO Low Row

  • 3 sets H.S. ISO Seated Rows

  • 3 sets FreeMotion High Cable Curls

  • 4 sets Db Bi Seats Curls.

Was able to get 30 mins posing in with everything going on.

April 12th

Morning B/W = 136.6 Full and a very very little splash over.

Macro’s: Pro = 175 , Carbs = 238 , Fats = 36

Chest, Delts, Tri Low weights, 4-4-4-1 Tempo

  • 3 sets H.S. ISO Seated Press

  • 3 sets Machine Extended Arm flies (Seat as low at it went)

  • 3 sets Machine Extended Arm Flies (Seat as as high as it went)

  • 3 sets Machine Extended Arm Reverse Flies

  • 3 sets “Glass Style” Db Delt Raises

  • 3 sets Seated Db Delt Raises (palm up)

  • 3 sets Cable Tri Press Downs – Flat bar, palm down grip

  • 3 sets Cable Tri Press Downs – Flat bar, palms up grip

1 hour posing tonight.

April 13th

B/W = 137.0

Macro’s = Pro = 175 , Carbs = 160 , Fat = 36   Slight spill over, Back and Bi day.   SLOW reps. 

OK here we go. 

 Pre-prep is over, now its full steam ahead.   I’m setting up my macro’s per day at

  •  Proteins = 175g
  •  Fats = 40g
  •  Carbs= 151g

   I work out in the morning so I’ll be eating

  •  40% my carbs pre work out (breakfast)
  •  40% with in a hour post work out (post w/o and lunch)
  •  20% I will be filtering out and decreasing toward the end of the day

   I start out no fats and by end of day high fats. My proteins are even all day. 

Cardio will be adjusted weekly as it is set by weight loss.  I’m going for 1 ½ – 2 lbs. a week.  Again this will also depend on how I look.  There is no magic number and a judge don’t get on stage and weigh or pinch test ya.  So how I look will set any adjustments I need to make as time goes on. 

  1. I will be starting pose practice ½ hour to hour a day.
  2. Rutein music is picked out and working on the poses in the rutein’s.
  3. At this time Supplements will stay the same.
  4. Keep body hair short with a shave now and then to get skin used to it.

O, did I say drink water  like a fish????????????    

   Alway keep a eye on were rest rooms are. I’ll be hitting them ever 15 min’s.  



Carb’s slowly droped to 120g’s.  Fats and pro’s still the same.

 March 25th

Carbs are down to 70.  Pro at 175,  Fats ay 36

Doing more posing averageing 1 hour a night.

Cardio Catabolic?

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Show Prep

Weight training is catabolic too, just as much as cardio.
HOWEVER, the body’s adaptive response to weight training creates a stronger anabolic response than the transient catabolic effect that weight training has. That’s why the net effect of weights is muscle growth not breakdown.
Cardio you have to look at a little different….unless you are inactive and don’t exercise, LISS, and MISS won’t be enough of a tension stimulus to cause an adaptive anabolic response (however, in couch potatoes they actually gain a little bit of muscle from LISS/MISS because their baseline of adaptation is so low). However, high intensity cardio that requires large amounts of muscle action can actually cause enough of an anabolic response to mitigate any catabolic effects of the cardio.
Think about how much force a sprinter’s hamstring is putting out when he’s doing an all out sprint. It’s A LOT and very comparable to weight lifting.

So that’s the adaptive side of things….however nutrition also plays an effect.

If you go into exercise with fuel; carbs and protein being most effective, it reduces the acute catabolic effects of the cardio and speeds recovery. So essentially it lessens how catabolic cardio is.

Most people think “wait this is bad, I don’t want cardio to be working off of what I’ve eaten, I want it to work off of my bodyfat!”
Well, that’s not correct. If you are counting your macros, and eating a set number of calories, who cares if you eat a big meal before doing cardio. A 400kcal session burns 400kcals no matter what, even if you ate 500kcals right beforehand…If you didn’t burn the fat exactly during cardio, and instead burned off the food you ate, who cares? You will burn it later when you have 500 calories less in your daily allotment.
In fact, doing cardio without fuel will make it harder to get your Hear rate up and to get solid muscle action to burn those 400kcals, and you will have to put out greater energy to do so, so more effort=more catabolism, and less fuel=more catabolism. That’s why IN GENERAL I’m not a fan or fasted cardio. Although it has its time and place in specific instances.

Other things to consider is that even though the adaptive response to MISS/LISS is low, and likely won’t have an impact on muscle tissue, if a VERY large amount is done, that can tell the body that you want more oxidative (ie, smaller) muscle tissue since you are more interested in cardio training than weights. So there is a ceiling to how much you can do before it bites you in teh behind.
Also, HIIT, although anti catabolic in its adaptive effects on the body, carries a hefty recovery component, and if your legs are trashed so much that you can’t get in a good leg workout, you’ll lose muscle….not because of the HIIT, but because you can’t lift heavy on leg day.

Eric Helms   3DMJ
Controlled Labs Athlete
Drug Free Bodybuilder and Raw Powerlifter
NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Performance Enhancement Specialist

Show Prep Nutrition

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Show Prep

I don’t have a lot to put in here right now.  I only trust my prep to 3DMJ. 

 With them handling the details I can concentrate on other things. This also makes sure I don’t make a bad adjustment once I get into prep deep and I’m in the Bodybuilder’s cutting fog.  

Backround of nutrition.

  1. I eat every 2 – 2 1/2 hours.
  2. Drink water like a fish.
  3. Refeed (not cheet day) once a week.
  4. Cardio 3 or more times a week based on weight loss.
  5. Every change is done slow and in steps.
  6. I do Low carb, average fat, higher protein. (Never no carb).

We all have our little tricks of the trade.  Instead of feeding you some fake line and starting some hype fad crap. Just follow my logs and with a close eye you will find my tricks. If you find them you deserve to know them.  😉

 Jan 5th 2011.

Made a adjustment:

Dropped  carbs 10 g            

Macro’s are at     Protein = 175   Carbs = 141   Fats = 40


Carb drops slow to 120g’s   now .  Pro’s = 175, Fats = 40  yet.   I mix up my foods to keep it new. But always hit my macro’s on the head every day. 

If intrested for cutting info.

Show Prep General Tips

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Show Prep
  1. Plan a show 12 months out so you have time to calculate cutting time needed from body fat needed to drop.
  2. Plan on 1 week for each 2 lbs. to drop. This will bring you in on time and maybe early. This is better than coming in at less than your best.
  3. Make a list of show day supplies and pick them up early so you don’t have the stress later in making sure you have everything.
  4. Pick music you like and are comfortable with, and fits your posing style.
  5. POSE POSE POSE POSE  You can never have to much practice.
  6. Practice tanning. (if you don’t plan on doing spray on at the show).
  7. Get paper work for entry in as soon as you can. Just one less thing to worry about later down the road.