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MTS Machine Whey Protein 5lbs. - Gourmet Cookies & Cream

Machine Whey® Premium Whey Protein Powder

One of the better to best whey proteins I have tried.

  • Outstanding taste in every flavor I tried.
  • Mix’s well
  • Every sample was consistent.
  • Not filled with a abundant of added additions. GREAT for them that like measuring everything out per personal needs.
  • Cut and dry, clean protein at it’s best.


More a mid to upper end for cost.  I feel it is worth every penny of it.

Good protein for everything from general health to competitive level.


I am no longer sponsored by anyone and tried new sups. I have stopped with

MTS Nutrition they work very very good with my body chemistry.

My daily sups rotation:

2.5g Creapure Creatine
50+ Multi Vitamin
Fish oil 1400mg
Glucosamine HCI 1500mg

Pre Workout=
MTS RUCKUS 1/2 serving, 2.5g MTS Creapure Creatine, MTS VASKY 1/2 serving

Post work out=
25g protein (whey powder that has 2.5g creatine also), 2.5g MTS Creapure Creatine (total of 5g creatine), 5g MTS L-Glutamine


As of today (Aug 22, 2012) here are my sups and timing.
Going back to 2 workouts a day after dropping to 1 for a brake/change of pace.

I make sure I also have a good nutrition plan.

Wake Up:

  • AAEFX Joint Rehab capsule
  • AAEFX Test Charge
  • Fish Oil


  • Garlic – 1000 IU’s
  • AAEFX VitaDrive

30 min pre “A” work out:

  • AAEFX K-Otic
  • AAEFX Kre-Alkalyn Pro
  • AAEFX i-Rush 475
  • AAEFX Karbolyn
  • AAEFX GlutaZorb
  • AAEFX Joint ReHab cream

“A” work out:

  • BCAA’s
  • AAEFX Karbolyn
  • pure baking cocoa
  • AAEFX Cell Rush

Post “A” work out:

  • AAEFX NF-Pro
  • Garlic – 1000 IU’s
  • AAEFX Karbolyn
  • AAEFX GlutaZorb


  • Garlic – 1000 IU’s
  • AAEFX VitaDrive

Pre work out “B”

  • AAEFX K-Otic
  • AAEFX Joint ReHab cream

During Workout

  • BCAA’s

At later meal or post “B” work out :

  • AAEFX Kre-Alkalyn


  • Garlic – 1000 IU’s
  • AAEFX VitaDrive

Bed time:

  • AAEFX Test Charge and T/C Aroma Block-R

My out look on sups.

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Supplements

Sups are often misunderstood.   YES I have a big line up.

BUT   Sups are just that to supplement what you don’t get from food.  So first go to food then fill in what you miss.

I’m a full time bodybuilder and very sedentary. If I was to eat my needs in food alone, for my body size I would put on fat instead of muscle. 

I am also a firm believer in everyone system is different. Thus what works great for me may not for you. 

Think about it.  You have a preferred headache med.  Why?  Others don’t work as good for you.  I may use a total different one for the same reason.  You have preferred foods some make you sick.   I may love the food that gives you gas or gets you sick.  

If everyone was the same why are there so many different products for aches and pains, belly ache, gas.

and the big one     ALLERGIES

For this reason I strongly feel, Try is for your self and don’t believe what others say.  YES consider the general input but keep a open mind and find out for your self.

For  beginner or average lifter the best sups if you want to do sups would be protein and creatine.  These two are the best to start out with and you will get the most bang for your buck from.

YOUR  most important sup will be WATER and plenty of it.