Future Plans


I’m back to lifting and working with other people.  I am so happy  to be back.  I am restricted to only using a set max weight, but I know how to make it feel heavier.

I am happy with the way things are coming. Plus I can do very light leg work and I love that.

March 2018:

Something new and interesting is in the works.

Late 2014,  I retired from lifting and competing due to neck issues.

April 13th, 2013 :

Tournament of Champions, Drug Free Wheelchair

Columbus, Ohio.

Prize money by All American EFX:

$1000.00 for 1st  Took 1st

$300.00 for second

$200.00 for third


As you may already know, I’m not big on typing or good with words but here goes.

I’m in prep for the first ever “2013 Buckeye WNBF Tournament of Champions Pro Drug Free Wheelchair” on April 13th 2013.  This is also the ONLY, drug free and tested Pro wheelchair show in the world.

At this time I have cut down from the 2 year bulk from 171-172 to 160.    I may have to slow the cut down in Nov.  You can never be to lean but there is a point were you need to weigh the pro’s and con’s.  I’m doing a carb cycle type cut with no cardeo and it seems my body is reacting well to it at this point.

Since I started my prep many people ask me why I don’t go compete NPC wheelchair and try for a IFBB card and have more competition. I’m not a hater so lets get that out of the way right here and now.

Yes the NPC/IFBB wheelchair class has been around over 10 years and the INBF/WNBF only 2 going on 3 years.  So yes the NPC has more competitors.  Yes I could move to NPC, but I am proud of being drug free and tested to prove it. Is NPC wheelchair tested? NO.  So why should I change my likes and goals?  Why not help get them out there in case others have the same likes and goals?

People say to me, “Theres going to less than 5 on stage. Wheres the competition for a being “Best drug free in the world” ?  Theres the fact that the Ternamint of Champions is the only Pro drug free and tested wheelchair class show  in world so who ever wins it, is the best drug free and tested wheelchair pro in the world.

Every drug free wheelchair bodybuilder in the world has the same chance as the rest of us to sign up, do the Drug free Wheelchair Nationals, win a WNBF Pro card and then hit the night show to compete for being the best drug free wheelchair in the world. The show don’t have the title “worlds”, but with it being the only drug free and tested Pro wheelchair show in the world?  Think about it.

  My goal for the sport? Bring it to the level of able body were a drug free wheelchair bodybuilder has a choice and don’t have to put there likes or goals aside just so they can have fun, compete and be competitive.

My personal goals in the sport?  Stay drug free and tested to prove it.  Stay healthy as I can be for a person with M.S. , push my body to the limits and bring a better package to each new show.

  Deep down ?  Ya, I want to win, who don’t. 

Will the world end if I don’t?  No. 

There will be another show to redeem myself.

 There will be more shows.  I will keep learning, pushing and growing.

In this sport. If you think you know it all? In reality? You know nothing.